Brisbane WordPress Course - Build Your New Site in One Day!

Get your own website up and running with a WordPress course in Brisbane! No matter what project you have in mind – a WordPress course can help you. Having a beautiful, fast and well designed site is great! It  instantly increases your credibility, trustworthiness and helps communicate your brand. Our one day class is perfect for anyone interested in making a website. 

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You will find this training very valuable if you are:

  • A small business – One of the most important steps in setting up a small business is getting online. Your potential clients, customers and collaborators need to find you!
  • A social media influencer. For example, if you have a popular Facebook page or Instagram account, adding a website can give you more influence. A good website can help increase your reach, help connect you with your audience and boost your profile.
  • A visual artist or musician.  A good website helps in so many ways. You can grow your audience organically, reach more interested people and integrate with your other forms of social media. Knowing how to do it yourself gives you full control of your own image and intellectual property. Certainly a huge plus for artists, because you’ll maintain control of your artistic vision.
  • Running a small group, like a sports team or social club. This can help give your group visibility and help promote the group. You’ll have wider reach and influence. It’s also a great way of sharing information and celebrating the work and achievements of the group!
  • Working in marketing, administration or communication. Having these skills can massively increase your productivity.  You’ll also be ahead of the pack in your career path! Imagine having some awesome websites on your resume that you designed yourself!

Beginner Friendly – Brisbane Based WordPress course!

The class is a short single day WordPress course. It is a non-technical course, so you won’t need to worry about programming or coding. You’ll use visual methods for every step. As long as your are confident at using a computer for everyday tasks like email and word processing, you’ll be fine at our class! You focus will be on becoming a web designer, not a computer programmer. You’ll get methods presented to you in a practical and user friendly way. In short, you’ll find our course is suitable for all skill levels.

Wordpress Brisbane Course - page building

What can you learn and achieve in a one day course?

Here are just a few of the things you’ll get to experience:

  • How to set up a website from scratch. Starting with a basic installation of WordPress, you’ll set up themes and templates to get you off to a flying start! Honestly, your site will start looking pretty cool within the first hour!
  • How to make a site that looks great on any screen (mobile phones, desktops, laptops and tablets).
  • You’ll learn to add your own pictures, photos and text.
  • How to add pages and blog posts to your site.
  • You’ll be able to quickly design beautiful graphics and logos to improve the look and feel of your site.
  • Learn to find great, high quality professional photographs to use on your site.
  • How to setup your menu and links.
  • How to customise the colors, fonts and layout on your site to make it truly your own.
  • Add a contact form so your website viewers can reach out to you through the site. Great for generating leads and engaging with your audience!
  • How to optimize your site for google, using Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This will help people find you when searching google!
  • Great free resources to continue your learning and development after the class.
  • Most importantly, you’ll have your own beautiful website!
WordPress student training

What do you get when you finish the course?

  • You’ll have a live website that you built, hosted on its own domain name (e.g. or
  • Matching email addresses e.g. that you can forward to your existing email for a professional touch!
  • Your first 12 months of web hosting is fully included by your course fee, so your first year as a web designer is fully covered. This is tremendous value compared to hiring a commercial web designer.
  • Your own access to WordPress to modify, add and edit anything on your site at any time! (Full administrator access).
  • A fun new skill that will be valuable for the rest of you life!

Professional website developers often charge thousands of dollar for this. Then later on, if you want to change anything you get charged again! Take control of your own site, save money and learn a great new skill! To be honest, we have seen University IT graduates in Brisbane who finish their degrees without the results that you will get from our course. In conclusion, this is really superb value.

WordPress Courses

Where are the courses run?

We run our WordPress course in Brisbane and utilise a number of different work spaces. We’ll announce the next venue on the main page and through our newsletter. You can sign up to our newsletter below to get updates.

Alternatively, If you have at least a group of three students, we can arrange a WordPress course date to suit, and even come to your location in Brisbane!

So, What do I need to bring?

Bring a laptop  that you are comfortable using. As long as it is fast enough to handle web browsing at a comfortable speed it should be fine for our class. It doesn’t really matter what type of system you are using (Windows, Mac etc. as long as you can run the Google Chrome browser you will be OK. You can also even bring a desktop if you’d prefer – and don’t mind transporting it!  We can also arrange to bring a Windows computer for you if needed, but please contact us in advance if so.

Please bring along anything you’d like to include on your site, particularly text you would like to use. If you can type up about one page of notes and bring it along that will speed up your experience a lot. It’s better to  focus on the design aspect rather than writing during the course. We recommend about 300 words (i.e. one page) as a minimum. You’re totally welcome and encouraged to write more of course!

If you have good photos or graphics you’d like on your site, please bring them too. Any format is OK, but the higher the quality of the images, the higher the quality of your site! If you don’t have any good images or graphics, don’t worry. You’ll quickly learn how to find excellent high resolution images and how to make great banners, logos, infographics etc. at the class.

Word press course students in Brisbane

Why use WordPress?

Its the best and most popular!

WordPress is popular – It’s basically the king of content management systems. You’ve probably heard of it, or even tried it, and you’ve definitely visited lots of WordPress sites – you are on one right now in fact!  About 30% of the ENTIRE INTERNET runs of WordPress, and it does so for some important reasons. WordPress is free, open source software. Therefore  it has a huge support community behind it, so it keeps on improving and and growing as technology evolves.

If you’d like to try WordPress, you can test it free at The free plan has a lot of ads on it though,  but you can get a sneak preview of how it works.

Awesome Value!

WordPress is superb value compared to proprietary solutions like Squarespace, Shopify and Wix.  These commercially hosted providers lock you into their managed hosting systems where they set the fees as they please. While these can be decent options when starting out – they come with many costs. Ongoing subscription fees, transaction fees and premium features all cost money. These costs can really add up! Consequently, many people find their needs change and they want to try a different system. However, it can be very difficult to migrate from these hosting services to a different one.

WordPress is open source, so you can generally find free plugins that will serve your needs without the extra costs.  If you need to move a WordPress site to another host, going from one host to another is pretty easy.

The only advantage that proprietary services have is that they include managed web hosting with their system. In comparison, WordPress has loads of hosting options to pick from, with a very competitive market. Of course, IdeaSpot will host your site too and in fact, web hosting is fully included with your WordPress course in Brisbane!

Brisbane wordpress course

When is your next Brisbane WordPress Short Course?

We run Brisbane WordPress classes by demand, but on average about one course per month. We recommend subscribing to our newsletter to find out new dates as soon as we announce them. Our WordPress course classes are always limited to less than 10 students in Brisbane. These often sell out fast – so register your email with us now to get in first and avoid disappointment: