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Build Your Own Website in One Day!

Beginner Friendly

Join a fun and simple Brisbane web design class, because building a website has never been easier. No experience is needed, so anyone who is comfortable using a computer can do it!

Simple Visual Design

Our design methods use modern and friendly web page building tools. In other words, everything is done visually, and is easy to understand. So coding and programming are not needed!

Get Fast Results

Our students get up and running in the first couple hours! We keep our classes hands on and practical, so no tech skills needed! It's easy to setup your website, so it looks great, FAST!

Latest Techniques

The world of web design changes fast, so you will learn some of the most cutting edge design methods. As a result, your site will look great and your audience will love it!

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Our Brisbane Web Design Class Includes All This!

Brisbane web design class student

Your Own Website Address

Firstly, you'll get your very own website domain name. So you'll get to choose any available .com or (or many of the other styles) to base your site at.

Modern Web Design Skills

Secondly, you'll quickly learn how to build a WordPress website, perfect for any business, personal brand, group, team or project you can think of. We'll help you add your own images and text and even how to find great free content. So you can make your site really pop!

You Get To Keep It All!

Finally, once you're finished, its yours - Your website is live and ready! The site is fully hosted, so you have full access to change and update things as you like. Importantly, you'll also have your course handbook to refer back to things we covered in your Brisbane web design class.

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