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CloudPanel Setup Tutorial

CloudPanel Setup Tutorial

CloudPanel 2.0 was recently released, and it includes an awesome feature – ARM64 CPU support. This means we can run this on Oracle Cloud free tier 🙂 There are also easy one click installers for some of our favourite providers (Vultr, Digital Ocean and Hetzner). Cloudpanel has NGINX and Redis set up by default, along…

hestia and oracle free tier

Best Free VPS Setup 2022 (Hestia and Oracle Cloud Free Tier) Complete Website + Email Tutorial

This is the best free setup we’ve found for running a webserver plus mail box on Oracles free tier. Once setup, its super easy to use, everything is done through the web panel. The advantages that make this my recommended Oracle cloud free tier setup are: Runs perfectly on ARM, allowing us to access up…

oracle 4cpu 24gb aapanel setup

Oracle Free Tier Setup

Free 24GB 4CPU Server – WordPress Setup with Aapanel In this video we will be showing you how to set up a WordPress site on Oracle Cloud which is free forever! This is great for those who want to try out WordPress and see how it works and for those who just want a free…

WordPress Live Chat Tawk

Live Chat for WordPress Free

Live Chat for WordPress (Free Plugin) with This is the best free chat plugin for WordPress easily! Today let’s set up live chat for free on WordPress, customize the chat widget and also set up a knowledge base to help with commonly asked questions. All in 10 minutes : Tawk.To Live Chat by tawkto…

woocommerce custom checkout guide

WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor

Tired of the default WooCommerce Checkout? Learn to add your own custom fields, change the checkout names, change the checkout order, add custom placeholders, even change the type of inputs for the WooCommerce Checkout. WooCommerce  Checkout Field Editor (Checkout Manager) for WooCommerce by Themehigh I needed to add custom fields and remove unwanted fields and…


Peppertype A.I. Review

No longer will i have to worry about writer’s block or getting distracted from my work, i can just rely on peppertype to generate new content that will have my readers coming back for more! Watch our YouTube review where we test Peppertype and create a blog post very quickly, despite choosing a pretty difficult…

Zoho Email Setup

Zoho Email Setup Tutorial

Zoho is a great email service to make your life easier. If you use your email on a daily basis and if you’ve got a decent amount of emails to deal with, having a reliable and user-friendly email client is an absolute must. Zoho can be a great alternative to your current email client and…

Contabo Review

Contabo VPS Review

I’ve looked at dozens of VPS hosts over the years, but have always ended up going with one of the big guys. I’m glad to have found Contabo. Their performance is similar to the big boys, but their prices are much lower. You can get a VPS with more resources for less money with Contabo….

WooCommerce One-Click Checkout – Skip the Cart with ‘Buy It Now’ Button (Free method)

WooCommerce One-Click Checkout – Skip the Cart with ‘Buy It Now’ Button (Free method)

You’ll learn to replace the ‘add to cart’ buttons with ‘Buy It Now’ buttons to send the customer directly to the checkout (skip the cart). You’ll also see how to customize the cart and checkout items in your menu. I also show how to remove the “Item has been added to your cart” message from…

WordOps Setup Tutorial

WordOps Setup Tutorial

In this tutorial, we set up a cheap VPS server, with a high performance optimized WordPress setup. Previously, this used to be something only a professional back end dev could really do. However, the WordPress community have created an excellent tool called WordOps which automates much of this process. You can try this method for…

Black Friday Specials 2020

Black Friday Specials 2020

LearnDash. LearnDash is offering a 50% discount on all plans! Starts at 7am Friday, Eastern Time. Coupon code: BF2020 (for Nov. 27th, 7AM-4PM EST Only)Coupon code: CM2020 (for Nov. 30th, 7AM-4PM EST Only) Get offer CloudWays 40% exclusive discount on all hosting plans for the next four months. Use the code: BFCM2020 Get offer Kadence…

WooCommerce – How to Customize the Cart & Checkout Page

WooCommerce – How to Customize the Cart & Checkout Page

Let’s face it. The default WooCommerce cart and checkout pages are starting to look a bit dated. The good news is, upgrading these pages is pretty easy! You can upgrade and customize the WooCommerce cart and checkout pages using the free plugin – WooCommerce Blocks. This will give your cart and checkout pages a fresh new look. We think these new designs…

Kadence + WooCommerce Tutorial (Turn Starter Templates into Stores in 20 mins)

Kadence + WooCommerce Tutorial (Turn Starter Templates into Stores in 20 mins)

You’ll learn to build a WooCommerce store, starting with any of the Kadence Starter Templates. Kadence theme has some great WooCommerce customization features, but at the moment there is only one ‘shopping’ template. With this tutorial, you can take any of the other templates (in this case we use the ‘Agency’ template) and build it…

Tutor LMS Tutorial

Tutor LMS Tutorial

You’ll learn to build an online course for free using WordPress and the Tutor LMS plugin. We use the free version in this video tutorial here: We also did a previous tutor LMS quick tutorial back in 2020: Why Tutor LMS This was the best LMS plugin we could find that includes a WooCommerce payment…

practice wordpress from your hard drive - local by flywheel

Practice building websites from your own computer – No web hosting needed! With Local By Flywheel

Want a nice easy way to practice building sites WordPress? Want to build websites on your own laptop or desktop?  Don’t want the worry and hassle of putting it all out there live on the internet? There is now easy to use software that lets you build a WordPress site and run it from your own…