Neve Theme – Setup & Review

Overall, Neve is a nice & high performance free theme. The customizer and free content make it among the best free offerings in the WordPress repo, but can it compete with Astra, Kadence & Blocksy?

I found the setup experience to be nice and friendly. It didn’t take me long to get the Neve theme set up with their free starter content. The sites look modern, and load fast.

When we compared the most popular themes for their loading speed and performance, Neve was always among the top performers in the benchmarks. We could say the Neve and GeneratePress are probably the fastest free WordPress themes on the market today.

However, there was one thing that I really did not appreciate. Neve made an update to their theme which forces some small branding advertising for the Neve theme in the footer. There is no easy way for a user to remove this branding. It is possible to mod the theme, but that’s developer level work that will be out of reach of most casual users.

We did find a quick workaround to fix the footer in Neve theme. You can remove the branding with a little CSS that can be pasted into your theme customizer.

The CSS I used to mod the footer is here. This will remove the “Neve | Powered by WordPress” footer from Neve free version:

footer .builder-item:before{
	content: "© IdeaSpot";

footer .component-wrap{

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Digital Ocean setup tutorial is here.

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