Increasing Boot Volume Size on Oracle Cloud Free Tier using Ubuntu

You’ll learn to increase the drive space on your Oracle cloud free tier VPS. The default size is around 50GB, you can increase this when first setting up the instance. You can also increase it later, which is a little more complex but I’ll show you how to do it here:

You can copy the commands below, and if you’re using putty or other similar ssh program, right click to paste into your terminal:

** 1. Change to superuser **

sudo su - 

** 2. After increasing the boot volume size in oracle dash, you'll get a rescan command that will look something like this below **

sudo dd iflag=direct if=/dev/oracleoci/oraclevda of=/dev/null count=1
echo "1" | sudo tee /sys/class/block/`readlink /dev/oracleoci/oraclevda | cut -d'/' -f 2`/device/rescan

** 3. grow the partition (note: there is a space between sda and 1 here) **

growpart /dev/sda 1 

** 4. resize the filesystem (note: there is no space on sda1 this time**

resize2fs /dev/sda1

** you can confirm by checking disk free, with the command below **

df -h

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