OpenVPN Setup on Oracle Free Tier

This video demonstrates how to set up an OpenVPN instance on your own server, using Oracle’s free tier for cloud hosting. It is a step by step guide, and you can use the commands here to set up your own, completely private VPN.

Start the setup at the Oracle cloud app market here.

The video is based on the Oracle developer blog found here.

Important Tips:

When choosing your region for your Oracle account, choose something suitable for your use case. For example, if you care most about being able to access most region locked content, choose a US location. If you care more about stronger privacy laws, go for one in Switerland or the Netherlands for example.

The username to SSH into your server instance is ‘openvpnas’

Commands Used in the Video:

Set a password for the user ‘openvpn’

sudo passwd openvpn

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