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This is the best free chat plugin for WordPress easily! Today let’s set up live chat for free on WordPress, customize the chat widget and also set up a knowledge base to help with commonly asked questions. All in 10 minutes :

Tawk.To Live Chat by tawkto is a superb little plugin, and their business model is designed for free use! They mainly aim to upsell by offering to staff your chat 24/7 for as little as $1 per hour. Though for small websites, you can staff your own chat pretty easily by using a mobile app, which is available for both android and ios.

Setting up live chat

When it comes to offering support to users on your WordPress site, it is important you have a strategy in place. You need some sort of way for your visitors to be able to reach out to you if they are having an issue. This is usually done through the use of a live chat feature. But what are the best WordPress live chat plugins? And are they really free? Let’s look at the best one I have found that is free and easy to set up within 10 minutes.

Why you need live chat?

Live chat is a tool that will help boost your online business in a matter of days. I’m pretty sure you’re already aware of that. It’ll help you convert more customers in a matter of days. It’s a BIG deal, the only problem is that setting it up used to be a bit challenging. It’ll take you a lot of time to find a reliable chat plugin, set it up and learn how to use it. Not anymore. In our video, I’ll show you exactly how to set it up in 10 minutes with the free plugin from Tawk.To.

The Tawk.To Widget Is Very Customizable

A WordPress live chat plugin is an excellent way to provide customer service to your customers while increasing conversions. But it’s not enough to just install the plugin. You need to customize it so it matches the rest of your theme. Otherwise, you’ll have a jarring mismatch between your site’s design and the chat widget. Fortunately, it’s easy to customize your live chat widget on WordPress.

Setting up a knowledge base with Tawk.To

In our video, we go through the basics of setting up a knowledge base with

While setting up a chat widget is quite easy, but it’s only the first step in the process. A chat widget is an interface that allows visitors to chat with you without having to contact you directly. Knowledge bases are FAQs, but there are a couple of differences. Instead of just being a list of questions and answers, knowledge bases are interactive. They allow visitors to ask questions, answer other people’s questions, and comment on other peoples’ questions. With a knowledge base, you can build a community around your website.

Why is it free? Is it really free?

Yes, its really free. Their core business is not the plugin itself. The main cost of live chat is staffing the chat – which they can also supply for as low as $1 per hour. If you staff the chat yourself and don’t mind some small branding its free of course!

So, the reason why it’s free is because the developer wants to reach as many people as possible. They believe live chat is important to retain customers. It is not only about the sale, but about the experience. They hope that by offering free live chat, they can reach more entrepreneurs and small business owners. It is free to use, but they do recommend upgrading to their paid business plan. It is important to note that there are also paid plans.

Conclusion: Important Advice

WordPress is a great blogging platform with a ton of great features, but some features can be tricky to set up; live chat is one of them. Thankfully, the contact plugin makes it easy for even new users.

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