Vultr Setup – With OpenLiteSpeed and CyberPanel

In this tutorial, you’ll learn to setup OpenLiteSpeed & CyberPanel, running on the awesome Vultr High Frequency VPS.

The results are great & you can try this for yourself with a free trial.

This will give you $100 of Vultr credit to use during your first 30 days – so you can try this method out for yourself totally free.

A lot of you have been asking for this combination of WordPress setup, using openlitespeed with cyberpanel. This give you a great free panel, with no limit on number of websites and domains, with the great free caching setup from openlitespeed. This is a great, fast and low cost option for running WordPress on a VPS. We prefer Vultr HF, since it gives great speed for the lowest cost at only $6 per month for a 1GB server.

Cyberpanel is easy to install from the command line, it only takes one line – just paste into your terminal as shown in the video.

sh <(curl || wget -O -

In our case, we were using windows and putty as our terminal:

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