Practice building websites from your own computer – No web hosting needed! With Local By Flywheel

Want a nice easy way to practice building sites WordPress? Want to build websites on your own laptop or desktop?  Don’t want the worry and hassle of putting it all out there live on the internet?

There is now easy to use software that lets you build a WordPress site and run it from your own computer. Head over to Local by Flywheel and download their app:

Setting up WordPress locally

Once you have it installed, click the icon to load. You can add a new site by clicking the plus (+) icon in the bottom left. 

Follow the prompts to setup your sites name and your admin username and password. You can leave the other settings unchanged.

After this is all done, you’ll have a WordPress site that you can edit. The only difference is that the site runs privately on your computer with a .local domain. It’s not live on the internet with a .com domain – so only you can see it.

This is a great way to test new ideas and learn new skills without the stress of working with a live website. Feel free to play around with WordPress. If you don’t like your results, you can just delete the whole site and start from scratch!

You’ll find this is a really fun and fast way to learn and try different ideas! This method is a lot quicker and than trying to build directly online. So, when you are just starting out it will accelerate your learning curve. The ability to try many ideas, widgets and plugins without the pressure of being online is just fantastic.

Uploading your WordPress site – going live!

Finally, if you love the results of your work you can export the site with the plugin:

All-in-one WP migration.

This will let you upload your local site to any online WordPress host with just few clicks.

Hope you get some value out of these free tools – they are also great ways to practice the skills from our WordPress Course!

Of course, if you feel like leaving the whole design process to the experts – that’s fine too! We are happy to help!

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