Try WordPress – With Free Web Hosting

Did you know it’s possible to try WordPress for free? There are a few places online that will provide free web hosting and allow you to install WordPress.

We have tested a couple of these free hosts and have posted YouTube tutorials on how to set these up.

One service called, InfinityFree has a very full featured hosting service. While the speed is not amazing, its still pretty solid. We did notice some very occasional downtime in our testing, but nothing to be too alarmed about.

Our next test was of x10hosting. This is a very well established hosting company. They also provide upgrades to paid hosting when you are ready. The WordPress setup process here was not exactly user friendly, but we figured it out in the end. This host actually had pretty fast and reliable performance! Even in Australia, where we are based, the speed was good.

One downside with x10 hosting was that you need to log in once a month or your account will get deactivated. A small annoyance, but we guess it keeps the place from filling with abandoned websites.

Building Your WordPress Site on Free Web Hosting

Follow the steps in these videos to get setup and try WordPress for yourself. You can even install Astra and try out our step by step website building tutorial here.

This can be a nice way to test the waters! Are you are thinking about using WordPress? Not sure if it is exactly what you want? This is worth a look.

Disadvantages of Free Hosting

Whats the catch? Using free hosting can be a nice way of learning and testing ideas, but it does have some drawbacks. We don’t recommend using free hosting long term for a few reasons:

Uptime and reliability: Because the price is zero, the level of service you are can rely on is also zero. If the site has technical trouble or stops working, there’s not a lot you can do.

Support: Zero cost means zero support. Don’t expect much help from a free host. Sometimes other community members might be able to help you, i.e. like on the x10 forum.

Google SEO: The free hosting service is accessible to anyone. Without any form of identification! So, this will result in a low google trust score. This means that google is likely to penalise any website located on a free server. You could be sharing a server with all kinds of dodgy characters! There’s not much point in building a great site if nobody is going to find it.

Despite the disadvantages, free hosting can still be a useful and fun way to get started. Try it out and and see what WordPress can do for you!

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